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ZhaoJuan SUN

Artist Statement

“My painting is about celebrating the marriage between my perception and sensation witnessed by my imagination.”


                                                            – ZhaoJuan SUN

Born in China, educated in the United Kingdom, seduced by France, and currently conquered by the United States, Zhaojuan has always been fascinated by culture. She earned her BA in the UK, MSc in France and MFA in the US.  Despite the first two degrees are Economics Finance related, she started pursuing art in the Art Institute Chicago in 2016.


She has found architecture to be the most vivid form of civilization. Interiors, embodiments of high intimacy, offer her a playground to not only live in, but to explore her multicultural influences. Referring to different time periods throughout the history of architecture and interior design, from neo-classic to modern contemporary, from Baroque & Rococo to Ukiyo-e, ZhaoJuan’s paintings express what it means to be a contemporary viewer, that is a bricoleur of styles past and present, domestic and abroad.

Zhaojuan’s paintings are filled with beatific colors, toasting with sophisticated humorous variations of rocaille, and occupied with the joy of their own making. Inspired by multifarious resources from literature, sculpture, painting, art history, fashion, drama, and movies, her paintings are brimmed with delightful compositions, inlayed with tinkling decorative patterns, and infused with her imagination.

She is greatly influenced by old master like Peter Pual Rubens, Ingre; Post-Impressionists Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh and expressionist Cy Twombly, Basquiat, William de Kooning, Cecily Brown and George Condo.



                                                  Green Reading Room 

                                                           16x12 inches

                                                            Oil on Panel








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